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My name is Thang Tran (in Vietnamese, Trần Thắng), from Hanoi, Vietnam.

I went to the College of Foreign Languages, Vietnam National University, with a B.A in the English Language and American studies.

Coming from a background with clashes of religious and ideological values, I grew up cherishing my inner world where books have been peace and solace. I dreamed to be a teacher and writer; and amazingly, books play a crucial role in nurturing it.

Like Mark Twain said, we should never let our schooling interfere with our education. To me, that life-long education starts with reading. This blog is written primarily as a book journal, a place to reflect on the literary world, to spur ideas for meaningful conversations, and hopefully inspire you to read. I write to tell you the contemporary Vietnamese life in the eye of a young Vietnamese male.

Besides books, I spend many hours on drawing & painting. Currently I am working on a series of paintings (spiritual and partly autobiographical), fusing colors with my poetry.

I love watching documentary films (PBS series and UC Berkeley Conversations with History are two amazing sources!). Whenever having free time, I bike and run. My favorite TV show is the American sitcom, Friends.

I was born on July 20, 1992.


3 thoughts on “About me

    1. Thang Tran

      Thank you, Tom. I am writing about my mother’s career in the art/theater. Thank you for sharing your precious time with me this 2015 summer. Look! You’re in a picture on the right column as well!


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